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Quality and technology

With such a vast experience in the world of translations, particularly in the areas of software localization, web pages, technical manuals, shipyards, pharmaceuticals, medicine, chemistry, science, the environment, financial statements, commercial bids, contracts, legal documents and press releases, Ellogos is in a position to offer a comprehensive and reliable linguistic service.

We are a specialized team with a limited number of clearly defined language combinations. We combine our experience to create a structure able to handle translations, interpretations and localizations of high complexity. With a network of experienced professionals, we guarantee your project control and management at all stages of the project. We always have full responsibility for the services we offer.

" For large companies, agencies or private individuals alike, we will always adopt the same work method... the very best! "

Our policy

Our philosophy:

We are convinced that using modern localization and assisted translation programs, such as the various translation memory tools and automated translation systems is fundamental for numerous types of standardized and repetitive work. However, our experience has taught us that in many cases the traditional method of translating, i.e. "hand-made", with the sole use of specialist dictionaries and glossaries, is the only method that allows us to ensure top quality target texts.

Meeting the deadlines:

Another reason for our perfect reputation is that we always meet deadlines.

Honesty and professional ethics:

We may refuse to translate texts with ambiguities, defects or documents containing:

  • Nationalist or racist content, pornographic material and invective content.
  • Text that underestimate, threatening human rights.
  • Material that provides guidance and/or encourages the commission of a crime.

Professional secrecy:

All the information, data and documents sent to Ellogos and partners during the translation or other services are proprietary and confidential.

Ethical code

1. The translator has extensive knowledge of the language from which he translates (called source language) and the culture of the country of origin of the work.

2. The translator is committed to work in the state of the art and faithfully recreate the document entrusted to him.

3. The translator undertakes to respect professional secrecy.

4. The translator to personally perform the translation and sign it.

5. The translator is obliged to respect the laws of the State in which he practice his profession.

6. The translator is obliged to respect the intellectual property rights.


We use modern computer platforms.

Our equipment:

- Main Server running Red Hat Linux.

- PC platforms running Win Xp Pro, Win 7 Pro, Suse Linux Pro.

- Apple Macintosh.

- Laptops.

- CD-Rom, DVD-RW, Blue Ray...

- Backup system with Raid 1 and mirroring in external hard disks.

- Printers, Laser Fax, Scanners, digital cameras, digitizers...

Operating Procedures

Our operating procedures involve the following steps:

- Service Planning .

During the planning stage, the translations are analysed and classified according to the following criteria: a) the linguistic, technical, scientific and cultural skills required to perform the task, b) any specific terminology required, c) the final use of the translation itself.

- Performing the Service.

The text is translated by mother-tongue translators who guarantee a high quality standard in terms of accuracy, terminology and style. For large projects, we create specific glossaries which the client is asked to approve.

- Quality Control.

Spell-check, proofreading, cross check, completion of translation according to any corrections made by the proofreader or by the client on the draught.

- Page-making/DTP.

Ellogos has an appropriate technical infrastructure and software (QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc..), in order to deliver a document ready to use and to print.

For every translation or localization project, we can assess which work method to implement. We will also inform you (in our quote) which method will be applied.

Our key strengths:

  • High quality services.
  • Technology and know-how.
  • Spirit of friendly cooperation.

"The professional can do the job properly even when he is not in the mood to work. The amateur can not do its job even when he is in the best mood".

Software Licences:

Ellogos uses authentic operating systems and original applications with the relevant licences.

Contact details

142 Platonos st. Athens - Greece
Phone no: +30 210 5131479
Fax: +30 210 5127822
Mobile: +30 6947 634929
Skype: ellogos_skype


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