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The cost minimization, often adopted by companies in selecting the language services provider the lack of time or attention to the required characteristics of the service can yield economic losses and harm the image of a business. The risk of incorrect legal translations, inaccuracies in technical translations and websites, not performing effectively the company message or badly indexed in the search engines, must be evaluated carefully when choosing a language services provider. The translation must be performed by qualified and specialized translators with excellent knowledge of both source and target languages.

Cost factors

The end price for our services depends on many factors, such us:

  • The service category (translation, interpreting, proofreading).
  • The languages - combinations.
  • The poject volume.
  • The deadline.
  • The special client requirements.

We will examine your request and we will send you via email a detailed quotation.

We offer discounts for large projects or long-term partnerships.

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Translation prices

The primary factor in determining pricing is the number of source words in the document.

Our rates may vary from € 0,06/word for simple texts to € 0,16/page for texts with wigh level of complexity.

We offer volume translations (more than 10.000 words) at discount prices (05% - 15%).

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Interpreting prices

The cost for interpreting services can vary depending on the duration of the service, location and technical complexity of the argument. The average cost for a professional interpreter varies from

€ 150 to € 350 / interpreter / day (7 hours of labor with intervals).

These prices are indicative for the greek territory and for our language combinations.

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Webisite design costs

The cost for the development of a website depends on the demands and needs of the customer.

For us it is essential to discuss with the client and reflect on real needs before presenting our offer.

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Rates for additional services:

1. Proofreading and correction: from € 0,03 to 0,05/word

2. Terminology research: Please contact us for a quote: []

3. Subtitling and adaptation: from € 2,5 to € 3,5/minute.

4. Scanning and digitizing (OCR): € 1,5/page Α4 (includes correction of the final text)

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In ellogos you will find:

  • Transparency
  • Optimal quality - price ratio.
  • Integrity.

We will never accept services that we are not able to complete due to lack of skills, resources, time and / or staff. Our highest priority is to provide high quality services.

Contact details

142 Platonos st. Athens - Greece
Phone no: +30 210 5131479
Fax: +30 210 5127822
Mobile: +30 6947 634929
Skype: ellogos_skype


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