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We provide editing and proofreading services for your texts. With large experience and modern printing, scanning, digital storage equipment we can meet all your language needs.

Proofreading and correction.

Basic review: We will proofread your document and make any spelling, grammar, syntax, and typographic corrections needed.

Analytic review: We will proofread your document and make any spelling, grammar, syntax, typographic, stylistic and terminological corrections needed.

Our principles:

  • Corect use of the language.
  • Identification of common errors.
  • Use of revision symbols.
  • Instructions for bibliography, notes, references and appendices.

Linguistic and Terminological Research.

Terminology is a multidimensional and interdisciplinary field.

In 1970 after systematic studies, terminology becomes an independent discipline.

Today the development and use of terminology has evolved and terminology has become a dual activity, both theoretical and practical. The theoretical aspects of terminology are focused on issues such as morphological analysis and semantic terms, the relationship between terms and concepts, the classification of terms and concepts into ontological and logical systems.
The practical - professional ascpect of terminology deals with the definition, classification and translation of terms and glossary creation, scientific and technical vocabulary...

The terminology and style appropriate for your company:

  • Sector-specific glossaries for all your needs
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Legal authentication of terminology
  • Multimedia communication and overseas marketing
  • Keywords for positioning websites abroad

Subtitling and adaptation.

We provide subtitling services for audiovisual material such as films, Tv series episodes, documentaries...

Software we use:

  • Subtitle Workshop
  • DvDShrink
  • Txt2Sup
  • VobEdit
  • IfoEdit
  • ImgBurn

Scanning and digitizing (OCR) services.

We use OCR software packages to correct the mistakes and all the parts that are not recognized by the software. For documents that are not in perfect condition we use image processing software to enhance the contrast and the graphic conditions of the document. We are also able to store the final file in any format and edit it to suit customer requirements.

Proofreading and correction...

"Our collaborators will identify any errors, inaccuracies or inconsistencies to make the text comprehensible in all languages​​.

However, our review will remain neutral regarding the aims and purposes of the author, who is solely responsible for the content of the document".

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142 Platonos st. Athens - Greece
Phone no: +30 210 5131479
Fax: +30 210 5127822
Mobile: +30 6947 634929
Skype: ellogos_skype


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