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We translate and localize documents, software, and websites into greek, italian and french.

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Technical translation.

  • Technical translation sectors
  • Document types

Over the last 12 years we have translated thousands of pages. We have thus acquired a considerable store of experience in the technical translation, medical translation and website and software localization that are our main areas of specialization.

Translation of instruction manuals, technical data and specifications:

  • Machinery, electrical and electronic devices.
  • Computer systems.
  • Products and applications of telecommunications.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Materials and renewable energy applications.
  • Automation and security systems.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Biological systems and applications.
  • Industrial computer applications (PLC) .
  • Biotechnology products and applications.
  • Agricultural machinery.
  • Industrial machinery.
  • Mechanical equipment and mechanisms.

Some examples of our work:

- Instructions manuals for Garage Doors & Automations, installation and maintenance manuals for monitors, interphones, electrical equipment, alarms, thermostats, barometers, various detectors, CCTV accessories, Transceivers and RTX on behalf of Avidsen - HF Company group.
(From french and italian to greek).

- Instructions manuals for digital satellite decoders - receivers, antennas, video transmitters, fotoframes, remotes... on behalf of Metronic.
(From italian and french to greek).

- Service and Maintenance Manuals for scooters (Vespa series) on behalf of Italian Design & Piaggio.
(From italian in greek).

- Technical data and specifications of industrial automation on behalf of Arcall PLC - Lappas Company.
(From italian in greek).

- Safety Instructions "child safety seat" on behalf of Nippon.
(From italian in greek).

- Numerous technical translations on behalf of STAR Group (computer assisted translation with Star Transit).
(From italian in greek).

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  • Technical Manuals.
  • Instructions.
  • Technical data and specifications.
  • drawings and blueprints.
  • Booklets.
  • Catalogues and price lists.
  • Safety Instructions.
  • Patents and inventions.
  • Permits and licenses.
  • Standards, models and regulations.
  • Certifications.

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Medical and Pharmaceutical translation.

  • Medical - Pharmaceutical translation sectors
  • Medical specializations

Medical translation is one of our primary specialization field.

Professional medical translation:

  • Hospital equipment and medical equipment.
  • Medical diagnostic equipment.
  • Clinical studies, documents and protocols.
  • Specifications of medical devices.
  • Medical reports.
  • Medical consumables and accessories.
  • Articles of medical interest.
  • Medical Journals.
  • Medical findings
  • Prescriptions and medication instructions.
  • Health Departments Regulations and documents.
  • Medicine Books.

Some examples of our work:

- Large translation project for one medical waste sterilization system, on behalf of Sensomed ltd.
(From english and italian to greek)

- Translation of clinical studies, documents and protocols for mitral Valve Restoration System MitroFix™ on behalf of Biointegral & Sensomed.
(From english to greek and italian)

-Iatrogenic Vascular Trauma. Mark R. Nehler, Lioyd M. Taylor, Jr., e John M. Porter.
(From english to italian and greek).

- Translation of seminars In Vascular Surgery vol. 1 e 2. By Robert B. Rutherford, MD e kenneth Ouriel, MD.
(From english to greek and italian).

- Translations of medical seminars: "The arthritis treatment with intradermal and periarticular injection of collagen" on behalf of MEDI SOFARMA SA and GUNA Collagen Devices.
(from italian to greek)

- Medical book translation "Multimedial Medical Education and E-Learning".
(From english to italian)

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  • Vascular Surgery.
  • Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology.
  • Pathology.
  • Pneumology.
  • General Surgery.
  • Microbiology.
  • Interventional radiology.

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Technological and Scientific translation.

  • Technological and Scientific translation sectors
  • Science and Technology

  • Telecommunication networks, systems and technologies.
  • Biology and biological applications.
  • Energy and renewable energy.
  • Genetics.
  • Food Technology.
  • Engineering.
  • Natural Sciences.
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology.
  • Agricultural Biotechnology.

Some examples of our work:

- Istitute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME) Regional Department of Epirus.
"Gypsum of Epirus in "Vrisella Thesprotias" on behalf of Fassa Bortolo S.p.a
(From greek to italian).

- Fiber optic submarine cable systems "Lagonissi - Milos - Chania" documents of ΟΤΕ S.P.A and Hellenic Hydrographic Service on behalf of Caesar and Elettra TLC Spa.
(From greek to italian and vice versa).

- Article translation "New sterilization methods" on behalf of Greek health Units.
(From italian in greek).

- Numerous translations on behalf of Spaziolingue Milano - Noreco Chimica Spa and other tecnology translations.
(From italian to greek)

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  • Translations of scientific books.
  • Translations of scientific papers.
  • Translation of scientific articles.
  • Translation of scientific journals.

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Software and Hardware localization.

  • Software
  • Hardware

We have suitable hardware and software to meet all your requirements for software translation.

  • Software localization.
  • Translation of user manuals and Software Guides.
  • Software manuals.
  • Felp files translation
  • Internet Applications Translation

Some examples of our work:

- Internet Mail Server Critical Path. (localization of assets, help files, msg server , xml files, js files localization)
(From english to italian)

- Translation of PLC software (strings. prn files, help files, layouts) of Phantomatic T5 system on behalf of Interbrian - Emmegi group.
(From italian in greek)

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  • Translation of instruction manuals for hardware .
  • Translation of manuals for hardware installation.
  • Maintenance and hardware repair manuals.

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Website translation.

  • Website localization
  • Adaptation

We can provide translation and adaptation and we work with all major file types such as:

  • ASP.
  • HTML.
  • XML.
  • PHP.
  • JAVA.

We can localize any type of file, database (MySql), images such us JPG, PNG, GIF...

Some examples of our work:

- Webdesign, translation and editing of the website on behalf of Sensomed Srl.
(From greek in english)

- Web page translation on behalf of Abiltiy Top Translation.
(From english and italian in greek)

- Web page translation of Naster Srl website on behalf of Spaziolingue Milano.
(From italian in greek).

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We can change your web site (originaly created for the local market) and adapt it to suit your needs in other languages ​​and foreign markets.

In this process the new localized website version will be a new site and not just a mere translation of the original.

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Legal and Financial translation.

  • Legal and Financial translation sectors
  • Legalisation

  • Statements and results.
  • Documents and banking relationships.
  • Business documents and Legal Acts.
  • Accounting statements.
  • Mergers, transformations, business transfers.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Disputes and controversies.
  • Political statements and resolutions.
  • Laws, decrees and circulars.
  • Newspaper articles and news.
  • Private contracts and confidentiality agreements.
  • Industrial property rights.
  • Patents and intellectual property documents.
  • Trademarks, licenses and certifications.

Some examples of our work:

-Translation of the Law N. 2773/1999 «On the liberalization of the Electricity Market» (Government Gazette 286/22.12.1999) on behalf of ENEL Italy.
(From greek in english)

- Translations of numerous laws, decrees, letters, court judgments, reports, surveys, letters and several other documents on behalf of the shipping company Britt Shipping.
(From greek in english and italian and vice versa)

- Translations of business documents and Contracts for supply (C.R.N and Jacksons Superyacht) on behalf of
(From english in italian)

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All our translations can be legalized, certified, notarised.

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Commercial translation.

  • Commercial translation sectors
  • Marketing

  • Business correspondence.
  • tourism companies.
  • Public Relations.
  • International Trade.
  • International Economic Relations and Development.
  • Management.
  • Marketing of industrial products.
  • Marketing advertising and marketing.
  • Business Schedules
  • Company Research
  • Market Research.

Some examples of our work:

- Company profile and Corporate Information on behalf of Orama New media business solutions.
(From english to greek).

- Squad profile, the new stadium, Yearbook Merchandising : greenteam. various translations on behalf of
Panathinaikos FC.

(From greek in english).

- Company profile and products presentation on behalf of Orizon hellas fiberglass boats.
(From greek to italian).

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The terminology in the business, investment, advertising and marketing sectors is a special language. We guarantee high quality translations of brochures, powerpoint presentations, commercial presentations, business correspondence...

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Literary translation and Arts.

  • Literary translation
  • Arts

Talking about poetry translation, W. S. Merwin says, “I continue in the belief, you know, that I don’t know how to translate, and that nobody does. It is an impossible but necessary process, there is no perfect way to do it […]” (as cited in Weissbort, 1989, p. 139).

Some examples of our work:

- Translation of the opera "Iossolvad" by the songwriter, producer and writer Nikos Karvelas.
(from greek to italian, english and german)

- Translation of poems wrtiten by contemporary greek poets on behalf of PRIVATE magazine - International review of photographs.
(From greek to italian)

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Ellogos do not translate the art, humbly and modestly we only try to make some...

Some our website [Arversion (only in greek language) ]

We provide reliable translations

All our translators are certified and qualified, with top class training, degrees in translation languages with postgraduate qualifications in translation

and we belive that...

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother". (Albert Einstein).

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