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Multilingual website design service

We cooperate with web design companies in Italy and Greece and we can design from scratch, redesign and/or optimize the existing version of your multilingual website. We provide multilingual content management and localizzation of your web pages.

"We provide accurate and coherent use of terminology. We assure style consistency throughout the multilingual content".

Services summary:

  • Multilingual website design.
  • Microsite translation and design.
  • Localization, editing, quality control and content accurancy.
  • Functional testing in our server.
  • Deliver via e-mail | Ftp server | Upload to the client's server.

Special attention to:

- Usability (the ease with which a website can be used by its intended audience to achieve defined goals).

- Accessibility (the content is accessible when it may be used by someone with a disability).

Websites must be:

  • Compatible with all the maggior web browsers.
  • Fast with all browsers.
  • Optimized to be easily found by search engines.
  • Clean, simple and functional.

Principles of web design:

Color theory, navigation, site structure, fonts, graphics and textual content.

From our point of view...

"Extreme graphics, many different colors or extensive use of elements such as Flash, are not necessary to create an elegant, modern and functional website ".

Contact details

142 Platonos st. Athens - Greece
Phone no: +30 210 5131479
Fax: +30 210 5127822
Mobile: +30 6947 634929
Skype: ellogos_skype


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