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Method, technology and operating procedures

"For large companies, agencies or private individuals alike, we will always adopt the same work method... the very best!"
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We are convinced that using modern localization and assisted translation programs, such as the various translation memory tools and automated translation systems is fundamental for numerous types of standardized and repetitive work.
However, our experience has taught us that in many cases the traditional method of translating, i.e. "hand-made", with the sole use of specialist dictionaries and glossaries, is the only method that allows us to ensure top quality target texts.


We use the following software for computer assisted translation (CAT):

- Trados 6.5.
- Trados MultiTerm 2002 Release.
- Systrans Pro
- Magenta greek politonic (for ancient Greek).

For traditional translation, we use:
- MS Office Xp (Word, Excel, Power Point).
- OpenOffice for Windows and Mac (http://www.openoffice.org/).
- Text editor (.txt, .rtf).
- Ultra edit 32.
- Appleworks Mac 6.2.7

To localize web pages and texts on the server, we rely on:
- Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
- WebBudget XT.
- HTML-Kit 1.0.
- Ultra edit 32.
- Text editor.
- Ws_ftp Professional.

For DTP work:
- Acrobat editor.
- Adobe illustrator.

For graphics, we work with:
- Adobe Photoshop.

Our operating procedures involve the following steps:
- Service planning
- Providing the service
- Quality Control
- Page-making/DTP

Service Planning
During the planning stage, the translations are analysed and classified according to the following criteria: - the linguistic, technical, scientific and cultural skills required to perform the task - any specific terminology required - the final use of the translation itself

Performing the Service
The text is translated by mother-tongue translators who guarantee a high quality standard in terms of accuracy, terminology and style.
The use of up-to-date and correct terms is guaranteed.
Our naval, legal, mechanical installation, software, medical and pharmaceutical glossaries are available to translators for consultation.
For new clients, we expect to create specific glossaries which the client is asked to approve.

Quality Control
- spellcheck
- proofreading
- cross check
- completion of translation according to any corrections made by the proofreader or by the client on the draught

The layout of the target document may follow the original document or the client's instructions. Completed work can be provided on floppy disk, laser printed, faxed, e-mailed in any of the major PC and Mac formats, according to the client's specific requirements.
We also provide complete page-making, graphics, printing and binding services using purpose-designed programs and specialists in the field.


For every translation or localization project, we can assess which work method to implement. We will also inform you (in our quote) which method will be applied.

Giorgio Koutsantonis

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