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Website and software translation (Localization)

We can translate your web page in English or Greek, and we can localize the text, graphics, slogans, with all the singularities and character of the target language.
Web  and software localization

Users consulting your pages will be able to understand their contents without any differences compared to web pages in their country.
Read the description below of the main stages in the localization of a website.


Creation of Glossaries
The creation of glossaries containing all the commands, strings, etc. is especially important to ensure consistency in the translated documentation.

Translation & Editing (Localization software)
Translation using localization software enables the localization of all text without editing any of the tags or the format of the web pages.

Localization of graphics and slogans
Localization of graphics and slogans contained in the website to ensure the latter is suitable for users in the target country. Correction of graphics and slogans.

Correction of any related language errors.

Software test
Visual test (document format). In addition, we can design graphics or logos for your company and localize them in our language combinations.

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