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Ellogos guarantees quality
The care taken in selecting and continuously assessing our team of freelancers makes for high quality services at all times.
Top quality english greek italian translation services

Our clients, both in Italy and abroad, who deal in the world of industry, commerce and IT, have demonstrated their appreciation of our accurate service and professional approach.

With such a vast experience in the world of translations to and from Italian, Greek and English, particularly in the areas of software localization, web pages, technical manuals, shipyards, pharmaceuticals, medicine, chemistry, science, the environment, financial statements, commercial bids, contracts, legal documents and press releases, Ellogos is in a position to offer a comprehensive and reliable linguistic service.

We use a wide array of specialist dictionaries and dedicated glossaries which we have put together over the years.
We are professional specialist mother-tongue translators, with a detailed knowledge of the language and members of national and international translators' associations.

Ethical code:
The translator and interpreter have the task of conveying in the language they are translating into the same concepts and messages as the original text, without any additions or omissions, to the best of their professional ability, in observance of all the linguistic and cultural singularities of the original text. In doing so, the translator and interpreter must facilitate communication, dialogue and friendship between nations, in full respect of the cultures which are mirrored by the language they are translating.

We use branded, modern work tools fitted with uninterruptible power systems (UPS).
- PC equipment with Win Xp and Linux Suse Professional.
- Apple Macintosh equipment.
- Laptops with SO Windows XP Pro.
- CD and DVD writers,
- Daily backup systems (Raid 1) as well as backup on External Hard Disks.
- Laser Printers, Fax, Scanner, Digital cameras and graphics drawing tablets.

"With us, the tradition and simplicity that only come with experience are merged with cutting-edge technology, at your service".

Ellogos Linguistic Services
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