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Interpreting services in Greek, Italian and English

Ellogos provides interpreting services in the following languages: Greek, English and Italian.
Italian and Greek interpreting
Types of interpreting services provided:

1. Consecutive interpreting (trade fairs or company visits).

2. Technical or business liaison interpreting (consecutive).

3. Three-way phone conversations.

4. Simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting
For trade fairs or company visits
Interpreting service to the performed on the customer's premises or elsewhere, requiring a general knowledge of languages and does not involve specialist topics.
Consecutive interpreting services are provided, whereby the translator translates for a person or a group of persons several sentences at a time, alternating with the speaker and acting as a go-between with the listener or listeners.
-Consecutive interpreting on the customer's services or elsewhere on occasion of company visits
-Bilingual or trilingual liaison interpreters for trade fairs in Italy and abroad
-Bilingual or trilingual interpreters for trade fairs.

Technical or business liaison interpreting
Interpreting service to the performed on the customer's premises or abroad, requiring a knowledge of specialist topics of a technical or business nature and the appropriate approach to the role of linguistic intermediary during negotiations. Technical or business liaison interpreting on the customer's premises.

Three-way phone conversations
This type of interpreting service, which does not necessarily have to take place on the customer's premises, may or may not require knowledge of specialist topics.
-Phoning abroad with an interpreter (if necessary on the customer's premises)
-Three-way phone conversations by conference call.

Simultaneous interpreting
Chuchotage applicable when the recipient of the interpreting service is alone; in this case, no special equipment is necessary.
Simultaneous interpreting (with headsets) for conventions and conferences The recipient of this service is a large group of people, who generally speak different languages. Booths are necessary for the interpreters, along with microphones and headsets.

Ellogos Linguistic Services
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